Treatment: Low Back Adjustments

I first went to see Dr. Malzer when my lower back suddenly went out and I was unable to get in to the chiropractor that I used to see in Uptown Minneapolis. I had been receiving treatment mostly for a longtime neck injury. I was really scared when I went in to see Dr. Malzer- one because I thought I might have a ruptured disc or something- and two because I didn’t trust someone new with my spine- especially when I was in such severe pain. I was very pleasantly surprised by my first visit to Dr. Malzer- not only was the atmosphere at the Wellness Center extremely warm and friendly, but Dr. Malzer examined and talked to me and reassured me that I was going to be completely back to normal in a week ( I didn’t quite believe him- but had hopeJ). He treated me several times that week. His adjustments are the best I’ve had and sure enough I was completely back to normal- and better in exactly the amount of time he promised. Not only that, nut my 15 year old neck injury is better that it’s EVER been! I love Dr. Malzer! He is my new- and only chiropractor!

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