Patient: Male, Low Back Pain

Just a short note to thank you for being the catalyst and facilitator for the vast improvement in my personal health over the past few months. I came to you because of the acute pain in my lower back without realizing that each visit would open the door to knowledge about my body and how it functions. I feel that your knowledge of skeletal, muscular and nutritional functions of the human body is surpassed only by your ability to apply that knowledge to each patient’s specific needs.

I look forward to continuing the collaborative care program we have begun for a very long time. Perhaps the best measure of the improvement in my health and energy is the fact that I am no longer a 49 year old who worries about keeping up with my kids – but I frequently consider whether or not I’m wearing them out with the fun we are having!


Treatment: Fatigue/Increased Energy

I came to see Dr. Malzer because I was really tired a lot (I’d even been tested for Thyroid problems) and my husband and I wanted to start a family. I already had a chiropractor of my own that was also a personal friend. Dr. Malzer came so highly recommended to me by a friend of mine that I had to give him a try. So, I made the difficult decision and left my chiropractor (friend) and scheduled a visit with Dr. Malzer.

Dr. Malzer is amazing! He had me fill out a questionnaire and once he received and reviewed my results he came up with a Wellness Plan specifically designed for me. He helped me come up with a list of goals (improving hormone balance, maximizing fertility, improving my energy level and improving digestion). In order to reach my goals Dr. Malzer put me on a two phase supplement plan. I have taken supplements before and never really noticed a difference. I had hoped that this time would be different. It sure was! I started these supplements at the end of March, 2005. The first phase of supplements prepped my body for the second phase. I am now at the end of the second phase and have definitely seen great results! I am no longer tired all the time, and my energy level and digestion have really improved a lot! I am really very happy with my results and it was all so easy to do! It’s also nice knowing that all of these supplements are healthy for me. I wish I hand known about this sooner! I highly recommend Dr. Malzer! He is a kind and caring professional. He is an excellent doctor who really listens to his clients. Thanks Dr. Malzer!


Patient: Rylie – 4 years, Condition Treated: Chronic ear infections, sinus infections, cough, and overall poor health.

Severity of condition and other treatments tried: As a parent of a chronically ill child, I felt the condition was very severe. When my daughter was 9 months old, she as drinking only about 8 ounces of formula each day. Se did not gain weight, which was a major concern for such a little baby, and for a short time, also suffered some hearing loss due to the fluid buildup up in her ears. Her health problems impacted everyone around her – Mom, Dad, Sister and all of our extended family. By the time she was 2 ½, she had one ear surgery, one adenoid surgery and numerous x-rays and CAT scans to try and diagnose the problem

None of our doctors could tell us what was wrong or what might be causing the problems. We took her to allergist, pulmanologists and ear nose and throat specialists. During that time she was also tested to rule out other disorders such as cystic fibrosis and reflux. Not once did any of my traditional doctor’s recommend chiropractic care, and as a matter of fact, many said that it would not work.

Duration of Condition: Rylie began having trouble at about 9 months and was sick until about age 3 ½. For just over a year (she is now 4 ½) she ahs been completely healthy. The really hard times with her lasted about 2 years.

Chiropractic Care: At one of my chiropractic appointments with Dr. Malzer, I overheard him talking about helping children with ear infections. I talked with him about my daughter. We discussed many options about her medical care (she was about 2 years old), but like many people, it was a difficult decision to take ‘My baby’ to a non-traditional doctor.

What finally swayed our decision was that having tried and failed all of the

‘traditional’ methods, we felt we had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Although many of my family members were skeptical, it turns out to be one of the best decisions I ever made for my daughter.

At Rylie’s fist appointment, we talked about her symptoms, what had been tried and the possibility of an intolerance, or allergy, to food. Dr. Malzer suggested starting with an elimination diet, vitamins and other supplements, then slowly re-introducing foods to see if she had any reaction. It was a slow process (about 1 year), but ultimately we discovered that she had an intolerance to corn and or by-products. Since removing corn from her diet, Rylie has grown like a weed, gained weight and is a much happier, healthier child. We continue to go for visits about once a month for checkups and maintenance.

I only have good things to say about Dr. Malzer’s caring and concern for his patients. He believes your care is a team effort and encourages your thoughts and opinions. He is always willing to help you get more resources, if you feel it is needed.

I never hesitate in recommending Dr. Malzer to my family or friends.


Treatment: Low Back Adjustments

I first went to see Dr. Malzer when my lower back suddenly went out and I was unable to get in to the chiropractor that I used to see in Uptown Minneapolis. I had been receiving treatment mostly for a longtime neck injury. I was really scared when I went in to see Dr. Malzer- one because I thought I might have a ruptured disc or something- and two because I didn’t trust someone new with my spine- especially when I was in such severe pain. I was very pleasantly surprised by my first visit to Dr. Malzer- not only was the atmosphere at the Wellness Center extremely warm and friendly, but Dr. Malzer examined and talked to me and reassured me that I was going to be completely back to normal in a week ( I didn’t quite believe him- but had hopeJ). He treated me several times that week. His adjustments are the best I’ve had and sure enough I was completely back to normal- and better in exactly the amount of time he promised. Not only that, nut my 15 year old neck injury is better that it’s EVER been! I love Dr. Malzer! He is my new- and only chiropractor!


Patient: Female, Neck, Hip, Knee Pain

With fear and trembling, I entered the Wellness Center to find Dr. Malzer and Dana standing by the front desk to welcome me. I instantly felt this was going to be a great experience. I explained my previous experience, my fears and needs. The relaxing waiting room and kind people were comforting.

I was helped the first day. My neck pain and, hip pain and knee pain were gone from the adjustment Dr. Malzer did. He asked several questions, did a few simple tests (pain free). Diagnosis? A right hip lock which causes me to be shorter on one side. I now wear orthotics in both shoes. Results? Less knee pain and hip pain. How grateful I am! I was given exercises to do to strengthen muscles that haven’t been used for a long time. I was given hope and two new friends I could trust.


Patient: Male, Arthritis

Arthritis is taking a toll on my lower back. It causes considerable pain especially when I am doing some of my favorite activities e.g. gardening. I began treatments by Dr. Malzer November 2005. His skillful treatments and recommended exercises have lessened the pain.

Dr. Malzer is very personable and competent. I suggest that you contact him.


Patient: Female, Back Pain

When I came to Dr. Malzer my back had been aching for 3 days and nothing helped. I had tried other chiropractors but they were nor able to fix it. Dr. Malzer was very thorough and diagnosed the problem almost immediately!! After the first visit I felt much better and after 2 visits my back felt great! I continue to go to Dr. Malzer and have not had backaches since – or if I do they don’t last long.


Patient: Elaine, 50+ years old, Chronic skin rash – constant unbearable itching and an unhealthy digestive system.

In the spring of 2003 I got a rash that I assumed was caused by a springtime allergy. I assumed it would go away, but after several weeks of constant itching- and because it was getting worse, I went to my family doctor (general practitioner). He checked the rash and prescribed an allergy medication. After about 2 months with no relief (I even took more than the prescribed amount) I was getting desperate! I returned to my doctor and he suggested that I see a dermatologist, saying that he didn’t think he could help me.

My first visit with the dermatologist was a disaster! He said I had “chronic dermatitis” and that there was no cure! To treat it, he suggested that I could hydrate my body by soaking in a warm bath for 15-20 minutes several times a week. He also prescribed an ointment and/or cream to the affected areas to aid in the relief. By then my entire body was an affected area!! At the end of my first visit the doctor told me that I would “just have to learn to live with it.” Needless to say I was almost in tears.

My daughter mentioned my symptoms- and what the dermatologist had to say to Dr. Malzer. His response was that he was sure he could help me.

I started seeing Dr. Malzer in October of 2004. At the time, ho took a complete medical history from me. He prescribed supplements to help with my digestive system and put me on an elimination diet. Through the diet, we discovered that I am allergic to, or at least have intolerance for, milk. With Dr. Malzer’s help, I now have a much healthier digestive system and the skin rash and itching are almost non-existent.

I am convinced that without the help of Dr. Malzer I would not feel as good as I do today! Dr. Malzer is a very caring and knowledgeable doctor and I have highly recommended him to family and friends.


Patient Referals

My wife Renee and I have been seeing Dr. Malzer for almost two years. Renee recommended him to me. She had almost immediate relief from some serious lower back pain.

I have seen chiropractors over the years for reoccurring back and neck pain. After my first adjustments, I was actually pain free for the first time in over 20 years. I can’t begin to explain what that feeling was like. He has also helped with ankle problems, and we are presently working on Holistic medicine form my chronic sinus condition.

Not only is Dr. Malzer an excellent Chiropractor, he is a wonderful human being. He, along with his wife Dana, are two of the finest people you could ever hope to meet. The have a sincere desire to help others in any way they can. The go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and are so friendly!

They are a real asset to the Medical Community, as well as to our neighborhood. It was our lucky day when they decided to open their clinic in Lauderdale.

We have recommended them to family and friends, and recommend them to you too!


Patient: Female, Sports Rehab/Nutrition

I met Dr. Malzer at [Karate Junction] where I train in martial arts. I have had problems with my lower back and was seeing another chiropractor. Trusting someone to move my body in ways I didn’t think it should was hard for me. So after having a nice chat with Dr. Malzer I put my trust in him. He’s helped me with my lower back problems by trying different things. He has also helped improve my health and given me plenty of advice. I’ve also had the experience to work with Dr. Malzer to improve my digestion by finding out what [foods] I am sensitive to. He’s full of useful information and always lends an ear. My experience at Lauderdale Wellness Center has been life changing in more ways than one – improving my health, finding out things about myself and creating friendships. Dr. Malzer has helped me and I’m pretty positive he could help you.


Patient: Male, Adjustments/Nutrition

Dr. Malzer is very personable and takes time and effort to address your concerns. His office is warm and inviting, which allows you to relax and reduce your inner tensions. I have worked with Dr. Malzer now for over a year and have found that every visit improves my flexibility, eases the stiffness in my upper and lower back and takes away the tension in my neck and back of my head. I find that I am in much better general health as well, because Dr. Malzer is concerned about my nutrition and supplemental needs and consulted with me to improve my cholesterol and diet.


Treatment: Rehab Exercises

I came to see Dr. Malzer for pain treatment and he did a good job, now my pain is gone and I’m very happy. I will recommend to other for pain treatment. The same way I got from him. He gave me instructions to exercise my pain from my neck to my upper back, now I feel much better than before. I want to thank you to Dr. Malzer for his service.


Patient: Female, Sports Rehab

Dr. Malzer has been treating me and my students for at least a year or close to it. His expert knowledge has kept me in working order. If it wasn’t for his keen diagnostic system and adjustments, plus all of the nutritional and supplements information, I wouldn’t be able to do my job! My job requires a great deal of physical exercise and staying functional is a challenge, but high on my priority list. Dr. Malzer always helps me to say on the wellness path, and has been extremely dedicated and generous to everyone and Karate Junction Training Center. My neck and back and injured rotator cuff are functional and stronger today due to his treatment. His sense of humor isn’t bad either!


Patient: Female, General Wellness

I believe in keeping fit with chiropractic adjustments. My first experience with this form of therapy was in1990, when I fell and later experienced sciatica. I made an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon to heal the pain, but I had to wait a week for an appointment. A friend made an immediate appointment with her favorite chiropractor, and I was seen and treated that day. The treatment was electro stim, which after a few treatments, I saw an improvement. I also saw the orthopedic surgeon. I don’t remember what the procedure was, but it didn’t help all that much. I was able to exercise on a stationary bicycle, which did some help, but I owe the relief to the chiropractic procedures. In 1991, I slipped and fell in a gas station, and suffered quite a few injuries which caused scoliosis, and other misalignments. I went directly to that chiropractor and was x-rayed and diagnosed and received treatment. During that diagnosis, I also discovered that I have Osteoarthritis.

Once I moved to Minnesota, I was in need of treatment for this and any other aches and pains that came about. I soon discovered that most of my aches and pains could be eliminated with chiropractic adjustments. I am now 66 years old, and very often cause something to sublux. I get those subluxations adjusted. Dr. Malzer treated me at Advanced Injury Rehabilitation. Once he moved to his new offices, I decided to follow him to his new office. I feel that my body is like a machine, if something is out of place, and not corrected, it may cause wear and tear that can only be replaced. Every time I hear that someone is getting a shoulder, hip or knee replacement, I feel bad that that person didn’t understand that chiropractic adjustments could have prevented the wear and tear that caused the need for replacement. I plan to continue to keep myself fit with chiropractic adjustments.


Patient: Female, Midback Pain with Radiation

I started seeing Dr. Malzer in April, 2006/ I had been doing a LOT of crocheting and computer work for several months and I had such terrible pain from my shoulder blades and down my arm to my hand. It tingled constantly. I was given several stretching exercises to do and after 2 ½ months the pains are gone.

I had several massage therapy sessions in the office also. I believe both chiropractic and massage are important. I enjoy Dr. Malzer’s sense of humor. That helps ease some of the tension of “going to the doctor”.


Patient: Male, Running Injury

I am a life-long runner who was experiencing pain in my hamstring. I had tried my own self-administered treatments, rest, stretching and ice, with limited success. I decided to come to the clinic as a last ditch effort to heal myself. I chose the clinic for convenience as well as for Dr. Malzer. I knew Dr. Malzer’s family and respected their integrity and sincerity and know these were traits Dr. Malzer would bring to his practice. The first visit was informative relaxed and wonderful. Dr. Malzer provided a thorough explanation as to the possible cause of my hamstring pain and was respectful of my questions and concerns. The treatment appeared to work along with the suggestions for after care including deep tissue massage. I have resumed running.


Patient: Female, Sciatica/Shoulder/Back Pain

I went the first time to Dr. Malzer with sciatica and upper shoulder/back pain. I had reached the point of not being able to sit for long periods and my energy level had reached an all time low. After my first session, I noticed some immediate relief and after the third session the constant pain was going away and I felt like I could get into the garden again!

Talking with Dr. Malzer would be easy for anyone to do; he listens, gives suggestions and explanations that are understandable and has a great sense of humor, which always makes any appointment easier.

As far as being skeptical, sure I was! Look at him and that ponytail, what could he really know?… (OK, I am just kidding). He really does know his stuff and explains what he wants you to know in a clear and concise manner. He truly cares.

Now, his wife Dana who runs the place and whom Brian works for I believe is not being paid what she is worth. Dana always has a smile on her face and a cheerful “HI” when you walk through the door. She sets the positive, stress-free atmosphere for all who enter.

I have enjoyed all my appointments at the Wellness Center and would recommend their services to others.

Keep up the good work!


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