What is Chiropractic here at Lauderdale Wellness Center?

One of the best things about my chosen profession is the diversity of technique, practice philosophy and attitude that is readily available to you. Different people prefer, and will benefit from, different things and if you visit enough chiropractic offices, you will find just about everything under the sun.

So, based on my education, training and experience, here is what Chiropractic care includes at Lauderdale Wellness Center:

First and foremost it is my job to properly diagnose the problem and to determine whether chiropractic care is appropriate for you. Do we need x-rays or an MRI to rule out pathology? Would medical management be more appropriate?

A majority of my clients are being treated for musculoskeletal conditions. Meaning pain caused by their muscles, bones and nerves. This is what chiropractors like I specialize in.

So my goal is to determine what is causing your pain, what is the safest and most effective way to eliminate that pain and how do we keep it from coming back. That way you can stop suffering and get on with enjoying your life.

Chiropractic Concepts:

The one concept that all chiropractic techniques have in common is that improper spinal function can irritate the nerves leaving the spine. The concept of a “pinched nerve”. Recent research has shown that frequently, this “pinching” is really a chemical response to the pressure on the nerve, and not from actual physical contact.

This idea of nerve irritation causing symptoms is not some theoretical concept, it is very real. Have you ever had certain fingers or toes go numb and tingly? Ever heard someone complain of their Sciatica? Have you ever had one of those headaches that starts in the base of your skull, wraps around your head and causes stabbing pain behind your eye?

These are just a few very real examples of how an irritated nerve can cause symptoms. Symptoms could also be more centered along the spine, like neck pain, shoulder pain and low back pain.

So in order to get symptoms like that to go away, we need figure out where along it’s path the nerve is being irritated. Like tracking down a short circuit.

Sometimes a nerve becomes irritated by the muscles and soft tissues. In that case we employ stretching, exercises and other physical therapy techniques to relieve the irritation.

A more common case is that the nerves are irritated as they leave the spine. In this case, we use various chiropractic techniques to improve the motion of adjacent vertebrae. When the spine moves more freely, there is less potential for irritating the nerves.

That procedure is called an adjustment. Sometimes you will hear a popping noise, sometimes you will not. The noise makes some people nervous, but it is really quite a safe procedure. The risk of being seriously injured by a chiropractor is between 1 in 1 million and 1 in 10 million. If done by a trained professional, there is usually very little discomfort and the relief is often immediate.

People are often surprised at wide array of conditions that can be treated effectively with chiropractic care. If you have questions about a specific condition, please feel free to contact me. I can be e-mailed at