Treatment: Fatigue/Increased Energy

I came to see Dr. Malzer because I was really tired a lot (I’d even been tested for Thyroid problems) and my husband and I wanted to start a family. I already had a chiropractor of my own that was also a personal friend. Dr. Malzer came so highly recommended to me by a friend of mine that I had to give him a try. So, I made the difficult decision and left my chiropractor (friend) and scheduled a visit with Dr. Malzer.

Dr. Malzer is amazing! He had me fill out a questionnaire and once he received and reviewed my results he came up with a Wellness Plan specifically designed for me. He helped me come up with a list of goals (improving hormone balance, maximizing fertility, improving my energy level and improving digestion). In order to reach my goals Dr. Malzer put me on a two phase supplement plan. I have taken supplements before and never really noticed a difference. I had hoped that this time would be different. It sure was! I started these supplements at the end of March, 2005. The first phase of supplements prepped my body for the second phase. I am now at the end of the second phase and have definitely seen great results! I am no longer tired all the time, and my energy level and digestion have really improved a lot! I am really very happy with my results and it was all so easy to do! It’s also nice knowing that all of these supplements are healthy for me. I wish I hand known about this sooner! I highly recommend Dr. Malzer! He is a kind and caring professional. He is an excellent doctor who really listens to his clients. Thanks Dr. Malzer!

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