Patient: Female, Sports Rehab/Nutrition

I met Dr. Malzer at [Karate Junction] where I train in martial arts. I have had problems with my lower back and was seeing another chiropractor. Trusting someone to move my body in ways I didn’t think it should was hard for me. So after having a nice chat with Dr. Malzer I put my trust in him. He’s helped me with my lower back problems by trying different things. He has also helped improve my health and given me plenty of advice. I’ve also had the experience to work with Dr. Malzer to improve my digestion by finding out what [foods] I am sensitive to. He’s full of useful information and always lends an ear. My experience at Lauderdale Wellness Center has been life changing in more ways than one – improving my health, finding out things about myself and creating friendships. Dr. Malzer has helped me and I’m pretty positive he could help you.

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