Patient: Elaine, 50+ years old, Chronic skin rash – constant unbearable itching and an unhealthy digestive system.

In the spring of 2003 I got a rash that I assumed was caused by a springtime allergy. I assumed it would go away, but after several weeks of constant itching- and because it was getting worse, I went to my family doctor (general practitioner). He checked the rash and prescribed an allergy medication. After about 2 months with no relief (I even took more than the prescribed amount) I was getting desperate! I returned to my doctor and he suggested that I see a dermatologist, saying that he didn’t think he could help me.

My first visit with the dermatologist was a disaster! He said I had “chronic dermatitis” and that there was no cure! To treat it, he suggested that I could hydrate my body by soaking in a warm bath for 15-20 minutes several times a week. He also prescribed an ointment and/or cream to the affected areas to aid in the relief. By then my entire body was an affected area!! At the end of my first visit the doctor told me that I would “just have to learn to live with it.” Needless to say I was almost in tears.

My daughter mentioned my symptoms- and what the dermatologist had to say to Dr. Malzer. His response was that he was sure he could help me.

I started seeing Dr. Malzer in October of 2004. At the time, ho took a complete medical history from me. He prescribed supplements to help with my digestive system and put me on an elimination diet. Through the diet, we discovered that I am allergic to, or at least have intolerance for, milk. With Dr. Malzer’s help, I now have a much healthier digestive system and the skin rash and itching are almost non-existent.

I am convinced that without the help of Dr. Malzer I would not feel as good as I do today! Dr. Malzer is a very caring and knowledgeable doctor and I have highly recommended him to family and friends.

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