For A Complete Stranger?

How A 24 Year Old Nursing Student Entered A Fire-Blazing Crash

And Became A Real American Hero

On a cold November day in New Jersey, 24 year old Angelica Mercado was driving down the road simply minding her own business on her way to nursing school.  Before she knew it, she had stumbled upon a horrific car accident.

“I looked up again and within seconds there were flames…like huge flames…”

An 18-wheel tanker truck filled with gas had tipped over and burst into flames.

While everyone fled the extremely dangerous scene, Angelica headed right for the flames to rescue the driver.

“I saw flames on his head… on his shoulders… on his clothes…

and his clothes were just falling to the ground as I was running up to him…”

Angelica took off her coat and wrapped it around the man.  She forced him to the ground and smothered out all the flames.  Her jacket actually melted onto the man – and so did his boots.

Fearing the tanker was going to explode, Angelica picked up the driver and carried him to her car.

She drove him to the nearest emergency medical center.

“I was scared.  I knew I had to get him to a hospital right away.  He was hunched over…

moaning in pain. His body was so hot that the heat was fogging up the windows of the car.

It was just a scary situation…”

Because of Angelica’s actions, 32 year old Raaj Sing lived.  He is a family man and had only been driving the truck for 4 months. He had severe burns on his back and legs.

Angelica doesn’t consider herself a hero.

“I just did what I feel anyone else would have done in this situation.”

She may feel that way, but many others ran away from that same burning tanker as she ran to help.

According to Raaj, “Of course she is a hero.”

Simple but very true words.

Angelica said she decided to go into nursing because she wanted to make a difference in people’s lives.  She is still in school and she has saved one already.

Angelica and Raaj still keep in touch.  Angelica calls him for updates and to see how he is doing.

Raaj is going through physical therapy and plastic surgery.

When interviewed, Angelica said how scared she was when she first saw the crash and the flames.  Everyone was running away.  She wanted to run away, too, but something inside her wouldn’t let her.  Something inside her grabbed her and made her risk her life to help a complete stranger.

Whatever that “something inside her” was – it’s the special stuff so many common folk think they do not have.  It is the special stuff heroes are made of.

Angelica doesn’t live in a bat cave or wear a cape and a mask.  She’s just a good person with a great big heart. This is a special thanks to Angelica Mercado for her actions that show all of us what we can do and should do more often. Trying to help a complete stranger shouldn’t only be attempted when they are on fire.

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