It's All in the Family

One smart way to care for yourself is to care for your relationships. Healthy family connections and positive social support go a long way in helping you maintain and improve your physical and mental health. (And these strong relationships help make life more meaningful and fun.)

So, improve your health by taking small steps toward communicating, connecting, and creating healthy bonds with friends and family.  Did you know a shared dinner satisfies more than just your child’s rumbling stomach? It’s been found children who eat more meals with their families report significantly less substance abuse and better overall mental health than those who eat fewer meals with their families. So, take small steps toward gathering the family to feast. Even if it’s simple food, the time together — not fancy fare — is what’s important. Is breakfast less rushed than dinner? Then, talk over toast.

Did you know there might be a real “love connection” between kindness and heart health?  Maybe your heart really can be filled with (or at least fueled by) love? Men with known or suspected coronary artery disease who answered “yes” to the question, “Does your wife show you her love?” had significantly less chest pain than men who answered “no.” Everybody wins when you take small steps today. So hug your hubby, smooch your sweetie, cuddle your kids. Tuck “you’re special” notes in pockets or lunchboxes. At the very least, say “I love you.”

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