A Simple Way To Increase Your “BRAIN POWER”

Wouldn’t it be nice? Wouldn’t it make life soooo much easier?  Just imagine how much time we could save…If we were just a little bit…


Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about your intelligence.  We were born just so smart…and that’s the way it is.  Right? Maybe, maybe not.  While we may not be able to change the total amount of intelligence Mother Nature gave us…we can drastically improve the way we use what we’ve got.  Brains are like a muscle…and perform better with exercise.  And, the more exercise you do, the better the response and performance.  On the other hand, not exercising your brain leads to deterioration.  And like the lead article in this newsletter revealed about exercise and your health…

Recent Activity Is Crucial

You must continue to exercise your body if you want the healthy effects to last.  And, you must continue exercising your brain to be “smarter.” So, how do you do it?

First tip is easy… yet oh so difficult!

Ready for the bombshell?  STOP WATCHING SO MUCH TELEVISION!  What’s the big deal with watching TV?  Well, answer this quick question: How do you feel after watching a couple hours of the boob tube?  Energized or tired and drained…ready to take a nap?  How do your eyes feel?  Sharp and focused or droopy and fuzzy?  This is because television DRAINS your brain instead of working it out and re-charging it.  It’s like you’re a battery and the TV drained the power right out of you.  What’s that?  You need the TV to relax?  Here’s an easy solution…

Try Reading A Book…

Reading actively engages your brain – so you get the positive effects of “exercising it” to make it more efficient…and…it helps you relax and re-charge your mental capacity. You don’t have to read about Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity to improve your brain power, although that would definitely help!  Just reading an interesting story for 20-30 minutes every night can do wonders, especially one that has a lot of imagination to invoke your imagination.  Everyone who is an avid reader knows the book is always better than the movie.  That’s because YOU conjure up the perfect image for characters and situations when you read the book.  In the movie, a Hollywood producer makes the choice for you and they can NEVER do it as well as you can in your mind. So, grab a book and start reading. If you don’t like it, toss it aside and start another. The good thing about all this is – reading will quickly become a habit.  Just do it for 21 days and you will most likely continue doing it for a long, long time.  Give it a try…you will be smarter and healthier as a result!

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