What Albert Einstein Knew About YOUR Success And YOUR Health

Albert Einstein once said, “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. To move in the opposite direction, it takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage.”  Obviously, this can be applied to many, many things.  But there is one thing it applies to that most people never see the connection.  And this one missed connection is could be the most important thing in your life. To explain further, here is a quick story often told by the late writer, Gary Halbert.

Here’s the story…During the race for space exploration between the United States and the former Soviet Union, there was a problem.  Both the United States Astronauts and Soviets Cosmonauts had trouble writing during space travel.  Have you ever tried to write with a pen while lying on your back…or writing on the ceiling?  The ink flows away from the tip of the pen and it just doesn’t work.  So, the United States set out to solve this problem with the brightest scientific minds on the planet.  After years of testing, and who knows how much money spent, they finally did it.  They came up with a…Pen That Could Write Upside Down!!! And it could write side-ways and every other position.  Aren’t our scientists so smart?

Maybe… maybe not…Want to know what the Russians did? They Used A PENCIL!!!

In his writings, Gary Halbert called this an “elegant solution.”  And this is what Einstein was referring to in the quote above. When things go wrong in our lives, we often look for some big, miraculous, over-blown solution. In other words, we think because our problem seems big and complex to us…it must take a big and complex solution. When, in most cases, the solution is quite simple and small.  In fact, there is an “elegant solution” that no one discovers because they do not think or move in Einstein’s “opposite direction.”

Health problems Are The  Biggest Example Of This…When people get sick, they most often think it is an extremely complex issue that needs an extremely complex solution.  The more technologically advanced, new and sophisticated…the better. But, they rarely look for the reasons they got sick in the first place…which often holds the key to finding their elegant solution.

What most people don’t understand is that a large percentage of health problems are NOT caused by sudden, unpreventable conditions or events. You do not walk down the street one day and heart disease or diabetes  jumps out of a bush…into your body…and bam!…you’re sick. On the contrary, a good percentage of these conditions come from doing a few very simple things wrong for decades.  Big health problems come from doing “small” wrong things for a long time. We all know about smoking, and eating junk food.  The problem with eating junk food is that most people don’t know it’s junk. Just cutting out processed foods and sugar, eating more fruits and vegetables, and drinking plenty of water can have a dramatic long-term impact on your overall health.  Adding a little exercise to the mix can do wonders.

When the world is looking for advances in medical science to save the day after years and years of eating a poor diet, no exercise and abusing yourself…it takes courage to look in the opposite direction and do the right thing by taking care of you right now.

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