How Star Wars Saved The Life Of A Police Officer

“May the force be with you.”

We’ve all heard that famous line from the blockbuster movie Star Wars, but who knew they would end up saving the life of a police officer decades after the words they were first uttered?

Jeff Romanoff is a 41-year old police officer in Lower Marion Township, just outside of Philadelphia.  But unlike most 41-year olds, Jeff was very sick.  He has a rare genetic condition called Von Hippel-Lindau disease that causes abnormal blood vessel growth and can lead to kidney cancer.

Jeff had already lost his right kidney from tumor growth… and now his left kidney was failing.

He Needed A Kidney Transplant Or He Would Most Likely Die

But Jeff is not just a police officer.  He is also a BIG Star Wars’ fan.  Back in 1999, he was such a big fan that he joined a group called “The 501st Legion.”  The 501st Legion is a group of Star Wars fans who commemorate the movies and give back to the community.

According to the Northeast OH Healthy Living and Medical Consumer News, “The first time he put on the Storm Trooper armor, he was hooked.  ‘Since that time, I’ve balanced police officer, father, husband, and Storm Trooper.’”  Eric Seeman joined the group in 2007 after seeing them in New York raising money for the daughter of the founder of the group who needed chemotherapy.

And It’s A Good Thing He Did

When the group found out Jeff needed a kidney transplant, many stepped up and were tested to see if they could be donors.  A member named Eric was the only one that was a match.  Eric didn’t hesitate to offer his kidney to someone in his Star Wars group he only knew for two years.

And it’s no wonder why…

Ten years ago, Eric’s brother donated his kidney to a family member, and two years ago his mother was diagnosed with leukemia.  All of this made him self-motivated to sacrifice his kidney to save the life of a friend.

It Looks Like Heroes Run In Families

The surgery was performed on April 3rd at the Cleveland Clinic and took over 8 hours and so far, appears to be an overwhelming success.

It looks like both storm troopers are going to be fine and Jeff should be able to return to work very soon.

“The greatest thing was when the doctor came in and said that they had removed all of the visible cancer from him — I knew that I had made a difference that day,” said Eric.

The 501st Legion raised the money to pay for Eric’s travel to Cleveland for the surgery.

“He saved my life,” Jeff said of Eric. “I’m completely cancer-free and I have a brand new kidney. There aren’t many words that can describe what he’s done for me.”

And when Jeff was at a loss about how to thank him… Eric said there was no need for thanks.  Just pass it along and do a good thing.

And as soon as Eric heals, he plans on going back to his charity work with his fellow storm troopers.

It’s amazing to read this story – especially when the newspapers are usually filled with gloom and doom.

There’s an old adage that says “bad news sells much more than good news.”  After the steady diet everyone’s been force-fed lately, this story is a beacon of hope.

The entire world is not selfish and hell-bent on destroying others.  And, people like Eric should be on the front page everyday as a prime example of how to live your life.

So, when you read the news tomorrow… and it’s about the economic crash… or some country testing nuclear bombs… think about the Eric’s of the world. We should all try to be more like them.

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