How To Accomplish More And Feel Better About Yourself Without Lying!

There are two things everyone loves: Feeling better about himself or herself and accomplishing more.  But, many times, people fall short on both because they fail to recognize how interrelated the two really are.

For example, have you ever had one of those days when EVERYTHING went your way as soon as you awoke?

You know what I’m talking about – from the moment you opened your eyes – until you laid your head on the pillow – everything just fell into place.  When you look back on it now…you clearly should’ve played the lottery that day! But the point is: how did you feel about yourself that day?  And, what happened as soon as that first thing went right? You felt great and wanted to do more.  Momentum built and everything got easier and easier.  This is often how sports teams and athletes get “on a roll.”  A little success psychologically prepares them for more success.  They believe they can keep attaining success because they have already tasted it … like it… and know for sure they can do it again.

Clearly – the best way to feel better about you and achieve more is by taking action and tasting success.

But this is NOT what many self-help “coaches” teach.  Instead, they teach you to “fake it until you make it.”  In other words – lie to yourself and act happy and successful when you are not. They believe if you just lie to yourself long enough…it will eventually become your reality.  It’s too bad this does not work for most people simply because any rational human being does not look at poverty and see riches or experience failure and feel the pleasure of success.  To put it bluntly: It is very easy to lie to others, but impossible to fool yourself.

That’s why we mentioned that day when everything worked out for you.  There are ways you can start having more of those days.  And it all starts with accomplishing more.  How?  The easiest way to accomplish more is to spend more time on your goals or the things you like.  It sounds all well and good – but you don’t have a minute to spare now – how in the heck are you going to do more?  Easy!  Most people only think they are busy.  That’s because most of their day is spent doing unproductive things.  And, if you write down everything you do for the next few days, with the time spent on each, I’ll bet you a lobster dinner you’re going to be shocked (and a little embarrassed) at what you discover.  Everything you do either takes you towards your dreams, goals and desires…or away from them. Quite a bit of your time is spent heading you in the wrong direction.  Find those wasteful things and substitute them with things that will move you towards what you really want.  And, it doesn’t take much.

Check this out: if you only discover 30 minutes a day you can put towards achieving success…that comes out to 182.5 hours in a year!  That’s 7.6 complete 24-hour days!  22.8 eight hour work days!  It’s amazing how a little waste can be turned into such a huge gain!  And if you honestly can’t find 30 minutes a day anywhere in your schedule…you can always wake up 30 minutes earlier.  And if you start to do this – here’s something important you will find:  As soon as you get a little success…everything will come easier and you will get on your little roll.  Success breeds success and you will feel better about yourself instantly and without lying to yourself. The key is not talking or reading – it’s doing!

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