How To Survive Hard Times Without Losing Your Mind And Taking Years Off Your Life!

Not too long ago, most people (and doctors) believed that all sickness and disease came from tangible things.  For example, germs caused disease. You got sick by coming into contact with a certain germ…and that germ made you sick with whatever illness it represented. This, of course, is the germ theory of disease we give Louis Pastour credit for.  But over the years, even though popular belief held the germ theory as 100% truth…others have challenged its validity.  How?

Well, the simple question is: If germs caused sickness and disease…why is it that doctor’s can treat sick people all day and not constantly be sick? Wouldn’t it make sense for doctors to be sick 100% of their lives if simply coming into contact with germs made you sick? Interesting question. And this question has led to interesting debate, some answers…and…more questions…Without getting into the raging debate, one thing is obvious:

Germs alone are not the reason you get sick.

Many times you can come into contact with germs and not get sick. The main reason you can come into contact with germs and not get sick is because, plain and simple, your body is much stronger than germs are…most of the time. And here’s what that means: If you are well-rested, eating proper foods, not under stress…basically functioning close to optimally…your body will “beat up” any germs that try to invade your body to make you sick. This is much like a swimming pool that is well-filtered and has all the proper chemicals. Mosquitoes will not come and lay their eggs in that crystal clear water. But if the filter breaks and the chemicals are all gone…the water will stagnate and the mosquitoes will take over. Clearly, the mosquitoes did not pollute the pool water…the mosquitoes were simply attracted to water that was ready for the taking.

The same seems to be true with germs. It’s possible that they do not make your body sick…instead they are attracted to a body that is already run down. What does all this have to do with surviving hard times without losing your head or your health?  Unless you are going to live in a bubble, the best way to not get sick is to keep your body and mind strong. And to do that, you must reduce and control the amount of stress in your life. And in today’s environment that is not the easiest thing to do. So you must take steps to actively combat the onslaught of stress you face each and every day. Clearly, just like germs, you cannot eliminate stress. What you can do is control your reaction to it. So, if you are under tremendous stress right now – take action. Surround yourself with good people who know what they are talking about. Taking positive action is one of the best ways to control killer stress.

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