Patient: Rylie – 4 years, Condition Treated: Chronic ear infections, sinus infections, cough, and overall poor health.

Severity of condition and other treatments tried: As a parent of a chronically ill child, I felt the condition was very severe. When my daughter was 9 months old, she as drinking only about 8 ounces of formula each day. Se did not gain weight, which was a major concern for such a little baby, and for a short time, also suffered some hearing loss due to the fluid buildup up in her ears. Her health problems impacted everyone around her – Mom, Dad, Sister and all of our extended family. By the time she was 2 ½, she had one ear surgery, one adenoid surgery and numerous x-rays and CAT scans to try and diagnose the problem

None of our doctors could tell us what was wrong or what might be causing the problems. We took her to allergist, pulmanologists and ear nose and throat specialists. During that time she was also tested to rule out other disorders such as cystic fibrosis and reflux. Not once did any of my traditional doctor’s recommend chiropractic care, and as a matter of fact, many said that it would not work.

Duration of Condition: Rylie began having trouble at about 9 months and was sick until about age 3 ½. For just over a year (she is now 4 ½) she ahs been completely healthy. The really hard times with her lasted about 2 years.

Chiropractic Care: At one of my chiropractic appointments with Dr. Malzer, I overheard him talking about helping children with ear infections. I talked with him about my daughter. We discussed many options about her medical care (she was about 2 years old), but like many people, it was a difficult decision to take ‘My baby’ to a non-traditional doctor.

What finally swayed our decision was that having tried and failed all of the

‘traditional’ methods, we felt we had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Although many of my family members were skeptical, it turns out to be one of the best decisions I ever made for my daughter.

At Rylie’s fist appointment, we talked about her symptoms, what had been tried and the possibility of an intolerance, or allergy, to food. Dr. Malzer suggested starting with an elimination diet, vitamins and other supplements, then slowly re-introducing foods to see if she had any reaction. It was a slow process (about 1 year), but ultimately we discovered that she had an intolerance to corn and or by-products. Since removing corn from her diet, Rylie has grown like a weed, gained weight and is a much happier, healthier child. We continue to go for visits about once a month for checkups and maintenance.

I only have good things to say about Dr. Malzer’s caring and concern for his patients. He believes your care is a team effort and encourages your thoughts and opinions. He is always willing to help you get more resources, if you feel it is needed.

I never hesitate in recommending Dr. Malzer to my family or friends.

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