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What Are Prebiotics?

What’s in fruit, veggies, and whole grains that keeps your GI system on track?  Fiber, for one thing.  But here’s another: prebiotics.  Certain produce and grains are chock-full of the stuff. (That’s a good thing, because prebiotics prompt the growth of healthy, keep-you-regular probiotic bacteria.)

Bananas, berries, asparagus, garlic, wheat, oatmeal, barley, flaxseed, tomatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, onions, chicory, greens, and legumes (just to name a few!) all contain prebiotic carbohydrates – non-digestible fiber that sets the stage for beneficial probiotic bacteria.  Probiotics do everything from protecting your bowels from toxins and infections to helping things move on through.

Digestive “Do’s” – Other things to help you stay regular: Fill up on fiber — at least 25 grams a day; Stay hydrated; and Exercise! When your body moves, other things get moving, too.  Eating 25 grams (38 grams if you are a man under 50) of fiber per day makes your real age 2.5 years younger than eating 12 grams of fiber per day.